Tuesday, June 9th – Yellowstone National Park – Natural Bridge and Lake Area [Day 6]

We took it easy today. I got in the habit of waking when the sun was peaking up (~5:35am). Coffee is the first priority. Without electrical hook-ups, coffee is done with a plastic, cone-shaped container that holds a standard sized coffee filter. Add coffee and fill with boiling water (heated on the trailer’s propane stove). Let sit for 15 minutes. Then set the contraption on my coffee mug and a depressed lock allows the coffee to travel through the coffee filter and into my travel mug.

The girls still asleep, I set my chair up outside the trailer facing the rising sun. The temperature was cool but comfortable wearing my long pants and camp shirt.

After an easy morning, we explored a bit. An easy nearby trail took us to Natural Bridge. This was to be somewhat of a trial run as the girls had not been on any significant hikes before. They did well and we enjoyed the hike. To celebrate this early victory, we went to the small general store by the marina and got ice cream. Outside the store were comfortable rocking chairs where we enjoyed the ice cream and watch the boats come and go from the marina.

For dinner, we headed to the Lake Hotel’s bistro where fancy sandwiches were available. On our way out of the hotel I saw a phone booth. We stopped to call the wife and check in. We had not cell service here around the Yellowstone Lake area and the last time we had checked in was Sunday from Livingston. I called collect – which ended up being a costly mistake. Lesson learned… buy a calling card.