Invention Lab: RadioShack

What stuff have you done?

The tag line from a RadioShack contest and website called The Invention Lab. And they are partnered with MAKE! How cool is that?

There’s also a blog and different sections talking about various projects.

I think it’s great that RadioShack is trying to inspire the builder. RadioShack has had a pretty bad reputation over the past few years with most hams looking down there nose at the businesses drift into cell phones instead of their previous focus on radios and component parts. I believe the biggest difference between the RadioShack of yore and today’s ‘Shack is the sales people. Back in the day, the man behind the desk knew electronics inside and out. He also knew where every diode and every transistor was in the store. Today’s sales clerk does not know any of the electronic components the store carries, much less where to find them in the actual store. But this shift in the dumbing down of sales clerks is true across all lines of business. Have you been to Fry’s Electronics lately? The sales clerk at Sears in the hardware department can’t even tell you anything about the Craftsman tools they carry. So I’m a support of RadioShack – if you look hard you can usually find one that’s close that carries what you need. After you hunt and peck around the store, you’ll know where everything is and will only need the clerk to ring you up.