Monday, June 8th – Livingston, MT to Yellowstone National Park [Day 5] (120 miles)

I woke up early and had my first laundry session. The campground had one washer and one dryer, but it served its purpose. I was able to get showered and the laundry done before the girls awoke.

The couple that owned the RV campground provided a flyer with a map of the local area. After a close inspection, I noticed an Albertsons grocery store just up the road (I-90 and US-89).

The campsite was a pull-through, which makes life easy. I left the truck hitched which made packing up and getting underway easy. A quick trip to Albertsons and I was restocked with food and sundry items.

US-89 is an easy drive into the north entrance of Yellowstone.

Drove through Tower Falls area to get to the Lake Area. Encountered a ton of visitors blocking the road to take pictures of animals. Many people were being very dangerous, standing in the middle of the road. This is clearly stated in the information visitors receive when they enter the park as being against the rules. Visitors are allowed only to use turn-outs to park cars, not to simply pull over on the road’s shoulder. This is for good reason because the roads tend to be narrow. If a visitor sees an animal off the side of the road and wishes to get a closer look, they need to find the closet pull-out, park their car there, and then walk to where the action is. Despite these simple rules, many visitors were unable to follow them.

Arrived at Bridge Bay campground and was initially assigned a camping site that was way too small. Almost hit other RVs trying to fit in. Went back and was assigned another site.

Visited the Visitors Center at Fishing Bridge and got two Junior Ranger books.