2016 Summer Trip – Day 4

Tuesday, May 31st – Morning at Barstow KOA. A quick breakfast consists of coffee and oatmeal. The girls have either cereal or oatmeal. Drive over Tehachapi Pass. This was my first time taking the travel trailer over Tehachapi Pass. The pass was a pretty easy drive. Up I-5 to Los BaƱos. Drop the trailer at KOA. Drive to Los Gatos. Stop for gas in Los Gatos… $53 to fill up the tank with California gas! Wonderful dinner with my sister Lisa and her family. We were also able to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

2016 Summer Trip – Day 3

Monday, May 30th – Morning at Meteor Crater RV Park. Up early to leave the RV Park by 7am to see “the crater“. The crater was impressive. I am betting that was one loud noise.

Meteor Crater, Arizona
Meteor Crater, Arizona

Drive through Flagstaff. Horrible delay on I-40 west of Kingman, AZ and border crossing. Californians have not mastered the ability to merge. Arrive at Barstow KOA. Girls go swimming (which they have been looking forward to since Texas). It is hot and I am thankful the travel trailers air conditioning is working well.

2016 Summer Trip – Day 2

Sunday, May 29th – Morning in Dalhart, TX. Up early and on the road by 7am. Easy driving through Texas down into New Mexico. We had a second breakfast (early lunch?) at Denny’s (I-40 junction). Emily orders pizza. I spill chorizo skillet on my shirt. Long drive through New Mexico; keeping speed at ~60mph. Time change into Arizona is two hours based on Arizona’s funny timezone rules (or maybe the rest of the country has funny rules and Arizona does it right). Ends up being a 12 hour day of driving? I’m confused of what the actual time is. There are a million stars in the Arizona night sky.

2016 Summer Trip – Day 1

Saturday, May 28th – Morning comes early and I run around the house like a madman trying to get the final pieces packed up. There is no reason for this – I should have had everything organized days ago. Departed Lansing, KS at ~10:00am. Easy driving on I-70 to Topeka. Take I-335 to Wichita. After Wichita, it is a US highway. We pass a grain silo about every 10 miles. Pass through Oklahoma, then into Texas. Quite a bit of dead bug build up on the station wagon. We arrive at the Corral RV Park in Dalhart, TX around 7pm. I am smoked. I keep the trailer hitched to facilitate an early get away. No water hook. Just sleep.