VA Digital Emergency Network

This site is dedicated to the people providing emergency and backup communications in VA using Amateur Radio Digital modes. This is done by amateur radio operators on their own time and at their own expense as a public service to their communities and the state. VDEN supports both ARES and RACES operations. The primary 1200 baud frequencies are 145.73 and 446.075 with the UHF used as a backbone and forwarding frequency whenever possible. 441.050 (9600bps) is used for high speed connections from the greater Fredericksburg area, to the VA EOC and on down to the greater Tidewater area. Any frequency may be used for local operations but a link to 145.73, 441.050 or 446.075 is a must for relaying messages to the VA EOC. Keyboarding should NEVER be used during an activation or drill on 145.73! The ability of keyboarding to literally bring a network to a halt is as well known as is the infamous “dead carrier” that pops up during drills and activations. We also have Pactor operations as needed. When the network is not operating under a activation or drill, it functions as a normal statewide network. The term “network” is used to describe the emergency communications package that VDEN brings to Virginia. If you want to join the private, no spam, VDEN list server for system updates and information, please send me an message with your name and callsign. I also operate APRS using UI-View and AF MARS Digital stations to provide additional ECOM (emergency communications) support as needed. The VDEN mindset is that you can never have too many assets in times of ECOM needs!