Ham Maps

I got one of these for the world and one for the US – great maps!

Millennia Arts’ new Ultimate DX World Map™ wall map combines contemporary cartography with updated Amateur Radio DX communication representation for a map that will look great in any setting. Extraordinary detail and quality make this an exceptional choice for reference or display, whether it’s for the ham shack or a contest.

The Ultimate DX World Map™ is a complete Mercator-style political world map. It has been designed to assist all amateur radio operators in their pursuit of DX (distance) communications. The map has been divided into CW and time zones. All countries displayed on the Ultimate DX World Map™ have their respective DX call sign prefixes. Comprehensive band plan charts for the amateur radio allocation are also conveniently located on the map for quick reference as well as other helpful frequency and communication information. In addition to being functional, the Ultimate DX World Map™ has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing.