Army Ham in Space!

Army Colonel Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC, has put together an awesome YouTube video of himself making contacts over North America prefaced by a tour of the International Space Station. He has just successfully returned to Earth. Welcome Home, Sir!

Makes you want to go right out and get an Arrow II.

Region 1 = Europe * Middle East * Africa * North-Asia
RXdownlink: 145.800Mhz (FM).
TXuplink: 145.200Mhz (FM).
NA1SS VOICE FREQUENCY (region 2 & 3).
North and South America * Caribbean * Greenland
South Asia * Australia * New Zealand * Oceania
RXdownlink: 145.800Mhz (FM).
TXuplink: 144.490Mhz (FM).

On these links you can see the ISS position:

On this link you can see ISS crew’s work and sleep times:

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