RE: Getting Back on HF with Code

I enjoyed this article on eHam and thought that the roll up of CW prosigns and abbreviations was quite helpful..

RE: Getting Back on HF with Code
by N2EY on January 2, 2010
K0CBA writes: “Please learn and use the proper prosigns and abbreviations”

Also Q signals!

Here’s a short list of prosigns and abbreviations:

Prosigns (brackets means you run the letters together as one) :

DE – means “from” or “this is” – used before your own call

K – means “over” or “go ahead” – used at the end of a CQ or during a QSO

KN – means “over only” or “go ahead only” – used during a QSO when you only want the called station to respond

[AR] – 1) used at the end of a response to a CQ, instead of K or KN, to indicate that a QSO hasn’t started yet

2) used at the end of a formal message, to indicate the end of the message. When followed by N, there are no more messages, when followed by B, there are more messages to follow.

[SK] – means “end of QSO”

[CL] – means “closing down station”


ABT – about
ADR – address
AGN – again
ANT – antenna
BCNU – be seeing you
BK – break
BN – between
C – Yes
CFM – Confirm
CK – Check
CUD – Could
CUL – See you later
ES – and, &
FB – fine business, excellent
GA – go ahead; good afternoon
GB – goodbye; glowbug
GD – good
GE – good evening
GG – going
GL – good luck
GM – good morning
GN – good night
HB – homebrew
HI – laughing
HR – hear; here
HV – have
HW – how
LID – poor operator
N – no
NIL – nothing
ND – nothing doing
NR – number
NW – now
OB – old boy
OM – old man
OP – operator; name
OT – old timer
PSE – please
PWR – power
R – received as transmitted (same as voice “roger”)
REF – reference
RX – receiver
RIG – rig (station except for antenna)
RPT – repeat; report
SED – said
SIG – signal; signature
SINE – nickname used instead of name
SKED – schedule
SRI – sorry
TFC – traffic
TNX – thanks
TT – that
TU – thank you
TX – transmitter
TXT – text
UR – your; you’re
URS – yours
VY – very
WD – word
WUD – would
WX – weather
XTAL – crystal
XYL – wife
YF – wife
YL – young lady
73 – best regards
88 – love and kisses

73 de Jim, N2EY