Field Day Is Coming! Field Day Is Coming!

The clock is ticking and the time is now to get ready for Field Day. My station will consist of the eARSIB: Enhanced Amateur Radio Station In a Box. The entire station fits in an airtight, waterproof box that can be carried with one hand. An FT-817nd makes up the core of the station. To assist the QRP rig in getting up to 100 watts, there is an Tokyo Hy-Power amplifier. The LDG Z-11Pro autotuner and a power supply round out the box’s main components. I’ve redone the shelving system to give the main components a bit more room and stability. One of the big improvements will be to mount a RIGrunner inside the shelving system and clean up the power wiring. Another new edition will be a connection panel that will allow me to easily connect cables for rig control, a Heil headset, CW paddle, and a RIGblaster Plug & Play digital interface. I am also hoping to add in a PWRgate with an external powerpole connection for a battery backup. The final improvement will be a few 12v fans installed in the rear to keep everything cool. I hope to have everything assembled tomorrow for a backyard patio smoke test.

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  1. Pictures are coming. In addition to all the extra stuff I got for Field Day, I am also getting a new camera/video recorder. It should arrive this week.

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