Kind of looks like a toaster

I think I have come up with a good home networking storage solution: the D-Link DNS-323. This network storage device can do quite a bit. It arrives out of the box without drives – you have to supply them. I like this because I can determine the types, speed, and size of the drives. My solution was two 1.5 TB drives running at 7200rpm. I configured the drives for RAID 1. This gives me only about 1.5 TB worth of storage, but if a drive fails all I need to do is swap in a new drive and I will be back in business. The device connects directly to by networks hub and can be configured using a web interface. The firmware on the device is linux based and allows for ftp and telnet. Other interesting features include UPnP, iTunes server, and print server. I already have a print server, but later on that feature might come in handy. The UPnP works great with my Phillips Streamium device. I have not played with the iTunes server yet, but I think that will be fun to see how it works.