The weather page has returned…

After a few years hiatus, my weather page is back with a face lift.

I purchased and set up a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station when I was in Iraq this last time. It was useful there even through I didn’t use it with APRS. My intent was to bring it back and setup here – that’s what I did back in August. But I could never find the software that came with it to interface it with a computer. It has been great having the Vantage Pro2 with its wireless display terminal. I’d set the terminal in the kitchen and could always get a peek at the weather when I got up in the morning. However, it had always been my intent to find the software, interface the weather station with a computer and then pump the data into APRS.
In the past I’ve used Weather Display – which is a great software package for being able to suck in all the data collected by your weather station, display real-time data, and look at data trends and historical information. Weather Display has a web page creation feature which works well, but is not as slick as Weather Display Live. So once I got the weather station talking to my computer, I also was able to get Weather Display Live working and hence my new and improved weather… there is also a link in the navigation bar above [Weather in Leavenworth, KS]

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