On SKN He Was There

On SKN He Was There

There once was a man from the city
Who didn’t know how to “dah-ditty.”
He said with chagrin
As he turned the low end,
“To not know the code is a pity.”

So he made up his mind not to bend,
To dig out his key once again,
To grunt and to try,
And not whine and cry;
And his effort was worth it, my friend.

On SKN he was there,
Someone had answered his prayer.
His fist was real clean,
If you know what I mean,
And he smiles with a confident air.
– Hunt Turner, K0HT


New Year Resolutions For 2008
– Maximize the time I spend with my family – make that time count!
– Improve my CW skills. Learn to use my J-38 with a bit of skill.
– Build (and make a QSO with) a QRP kit HF transceiver.

… when I return to the US
– Complete remaining contacts and receive QSL cards in order to qualify for DXCC.
– Streamline amateur radio operations to achieve the following:
(1) Home operation – redesign my home station around my TS-930S. Small footprint and a ascetically pleasing setup.
(2) Mobile operation – centered around the IC-706MKIIG, AH-4 tuner, and the Icom whip antenna. A clean install with solid performance.
(3) Portable operation – rack mounted case with IC-7000.
– Sell, trade, or give away equipment I don’t need….. less is more.

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  1. You still check this thing from the sandbox? This certain SGT Sass wants pictures from our first adventure out to the Sandbox, replete with TSII imagery. 😉

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