As a new ham you’d like to start transmitting as soon as possible, of course. Take it easy, take your time, stay away from that microphone, morsekey or keyboard. First get comfortable with ALL the functions of your transmitters/receivers before attempting any transmissions. The transmit part needs special attention, as it is here one can make his first ‘on the air’ mistakes.

Initially learn to LISTEN. Whoever listens at first, will be much more successful in making good and enjoyable contacts. The chapter PILEUPS deals in depth with this important issue.

AD7MI: I’m guilty of this one. I need to learn to slow down, take my time and listen. Listen, listen, listen.

One thought on “LISTEN”

  1. unfortunately many “big guns” must learn this rule. Usually you can hear someone starts transmitting with his kWt’s without know what really happens on frequency.

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