Chicks dig amateur radio!

From the ASU website:

(Seated: KC7MOD and KD7LGH. Background: Six members of the Sun Devil Dance Team.)

While gathering before the upcoming football game, a group of ladies from the ASU Sun Devil Dance Team stopped by to watch W7ASU operate in the 2004 Collegiate QSO Party. No doubt impressed by our smooth (contest) operating techniques, we expect these ladies will be licensed in the near future. We just can’t wait until they join our club!

…. ..- -… -… .- …. ..- -… -… .-

note the expression on the face of KD7LGH – you can tell he is enjoying the contest!

One thought on “Chicks dig amateur radio!”

  1. That is priceless… I am glad someone actually took a photo so you can proove they were there šŸ™‚

    Football season always brings new hope each year (unless you are a Michigan fan that is).

    73, KI4WLR

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