KC4RKO TV commercial

I received the following email from Don, N4DJ – a true CW aficionado and a gentleman that embodies the spirit of amateur radio:

My son (Chip, KC4RKO) does a lot with photography and has done some camera work for a few commercials and a show on the Discovery Channel, as well as written a couple of short films. Well, he has entered the Heinz “Top this TV challenge” where they asked people to make their own Heinz commercial. Chip made a commercial and sent it in. There were over 4,000 entries and the people at Heinz picked Chip as one of the 15 semi-finalists. At this point, Heinz has said it is up to the public to decide who the winner is and whose commercial will air on TV. This is a great opportunity for Chip.

Starting 27 August you can go to the website:

http://www.topthistv.com/vote.aspx and click on Vote Now (located on top of the middle column: Fries Best Friend, By: Chip Johnson)

…and vote for his commercial. You can vote up to once a day everyday from now until like the 10th of September. Any votes would be MUCH appreciated!!! Thanks for your help!!

Don Johnson


Please check out this well done and creative video and help a fellow ham.