Saturday QSOs

I had a 40M CW QSO with Lee, WA1YDG from Hanover, MA. According to, Lee holds a Novice license… which is pretty unique. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a QSO with someone with a Novice license.

Also got W1AA on 40M LSB – they were activating a lighthouse (USA-820?).

This afternoon I got on 30M briefly (after I got no response on 40M) and had a QSO with Brian, WB9TPA. Lots of QSB and QRM. Finally was able to get his name and his QTH (WI). He was using a straight key (… maybe a bug?) – it seems like it is hard for those folks to slow down (QRS). Their dots and dashes sometimes get distorted.

Lots of wind and rain last night and today, but so far the new rope support for the center of the inverted vee is holding up. If the weather is nice tomorrow, I will try to put up the Carolina Windom.