EC-012 – Analog Electronics

I signed up for this online course offered by ARRL which starts Friday to try and improve my understanding of basic electronics. Here’s the course description.

This course is designed for the electronics beginner that has an interest in electronics and has been introduced to the fundamental concepts of electricity and electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and so forth. You’ll be reading some simple schematics, as well. In 16 learning units and about 25 hours the student will learn about the use of instrumentation, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Diodes, Rectifier circuits, Bipolar and Field Effect Transistors, various amplifier configurations, filters, timers, Op-Amps, and voltage regulators. Most lessons have design problems and optional construction projects. This course will run for a 12-week period, and earns 2.0 CEUs.

I’ve already purchased most of the electronic components for the class. I want to try and put together a mobile workshop that will allow me to keep all my building equipment in one spot and allow me to work in different rooms of the house.