Portable logging using Palm Pilot

Some advise from Larry, W2LJ: http://w2lj.blogspot.com/

I use QSO Diary by Ray Goff G4FON. It’s freeware and it works really well for me. Whenever you do a hot synch it backs up into a log you can view on your computer screen. While doing this, you can export your QSO Diary information as an ADIF file to whatever log program you normally use.

I have an accessory Palm keyboard; but I never use it. QSO Diary is easy enough to use with the stylus. I must admit that I never really tried this under contest conditions. I’ve been told that for contesting, there is an excellent program called Go Log. It’s not free, however; I guess I’m just cheap!

Here’s a good URL for Ham related Palm programs:


and here’s the URL for Go Log:


73 de Larry W2LJ