Had two great 80M CW QSOs last night. The first was with John, K8JD, from Michigan. I asked him to slow down a bit and we had a good exchange. For slowing down, he lengthened the dits and dahs to make the letters longer. My real problem that I’m working on is reacting to a short space between letters. I can understand individual letters sent at about 10wpm, but I do need them spaced apart… at least for now. The second QSO was with Jerry, WA1ZFE. He called me when I had completed the QSO with K8JD. I’ve never had that happen before. Had a real nice chat with Jerry, who lives in Norwich, CT and is retired. Jerry kept his CW slow but steady and I got through the QSO pretty good.

I’m enjoying CW quite a bit. Playing tapes in the car during the commute to work on my listening speed. Making progress.