Packet Station: AD7MI-3

I’m trying to setup a packet station…. again. My initial attempt at packet was with my IC-706MKIIG and my Kantronics KPC-3+. It worked well, but now the IC-706MKIIG is dedicated to HF operations and I would like a stand alone packet station.

I’ve heard many good things about the FT-1500M being used for packet and APRS, as it has a built in DB-9 data connection. So I was able to get an FT1500M off eBay and have it up and operational. I also fabricated a power cable for the KPC-3+ using the PowerPoles.

My last use of the KPC-3+ (before I took it down) was an APRS Digipeater.

I need to relearn my TNC commands and figure out how to do make the KPC-3+ sing again.