99 Hobbies talks to KB3JUV/AAT3OT

Are you familiar with the website of Dave Bushong, KZ1O, called 99 Hobbies? Dave explores the different aspects of the amateur radio hobby by interviewing fellow hams about their passions.

His latest interview is with….. Justin Kates, KB3JUV…. check it out here.

73 Scott AD7MI
US Army

From: “Justin Kates”
Subject: [usaars] Hello from KB3JUV/AAT3OT
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:19:04 -0000

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been pretty interested in some of the stuff coming across this reflector including some of the Iraq radio deployments.

Scott AD7MI asked if I would introduce myself and what I do in this interesting hobby. One of my main positions is the Section Emergency Coordinator for the state of Delaware ARES. For those of you that know the ARRL staff structure you will know that the job is to coordinate all of the amateur radio assets during an emergency. I just started it this year and I’m probably the youngest SEC in ARRL history (17 when I started).

I’m also a big Army MARS member. I was introduced into the program by John Scoggin AAT3BF and I’ve always been interested in the stuff that he has been doing. In the state, we provide a lot of support to the Delaware National Guard and Delaware Emergency Management Agency. For those of you interested in still supporting the Army (or any of your other services) after you get out, MARS is a great program to support. Also, in MARS, I’m the state Training Officer.

Some of the things that you will see I’m largely involved with is the Winlink 2000 program. Myself and a working group in the state have been working to develop a statewide system on both amateur and MARS frequencies. Winlink has a lot of really great capabilities that I’ve been impressed by all along. I’ve built portable Winlink radio kits to show that you can have e-mail just about anywhere.

You can find out more about me at my website www.kb3juv.com and my Blog at http://kb3juv.blogspot.com. I’m interested in hearing about what you guys do in the hobby as well as your previous or current support for the Armed Services.


Justin Kates