A description of the 40M WAS CW net and some operator recommendations…..

We have checkins of all skill levels and CW abilities, and everyone is always happy to have new stations join in with us. (We think) we are a friendly bunch, and strive to make every effort to help both the newbies and the regulars have fun.

When answering a station that has called you, it’s a general procedure to ID both callsigns first. Then, acknowledge receipt of his report to you with something like “tnx for the 579 579” or “QSL the 579 579″. (It helps NCS if you send the RST twice so he knows what report you think you got). Then, send a report back to the station who called you. Again, it helps to send his RST a couple of times, too. If he’s real weak to you, then maybe send it three of four times. That will save time in the long run if copy is tuff. We don’t normally chit chat much during the net, but pleasantries ( 73 or tnx for the call, etc) are certainly OK. When NCS is satisfied both stations have callsigns correct and reports rec’d on both sides, he will CFM (confirm) the contact as a good one and it becomes official. NCS then moves on to the next station on the list.

There is something on the club web page called ” CW Nets 101″, and maybe that will answer in more detail the questions about net protocol that you raised. Plus, listen to a few of the others, and you’ll pick it up right away. No one gets “huffy” here, so even if anyone does make a boo boo or two, nobody gets excited. There’s a list of CW net “Q” signals on the web page, too.

After your contact with W4BUR, I was trying to get you to repeat the report he sent you. He had sent you a 579, but at first you told me 599 but then changed it to 589. Conditions between you and I were pretty good, so I was fairly certain of the report you said you got. Joe did get the 579 you sent him. As NCS, I can only confirm the contact when I’m sure both stations got their reports correct. Then, all were disappointed when you couldn’t be raised after that contact. I was hoping I hadn’t offended you if you didn’t understand why I had to come back and ask you again. Anyhow, it’s just another net past with many more ahead !! Conditions have really worsened over the last few months, but I’m hoping for improvements soon.

We would really like to have you join us on a regular basis. We have many nets on other bands and modes, too. If you’re going to become a regular, I would suggest sending SASE’s to the free buros. Or, many use the postal plan WM9H provides. The Century Club buros are really fast and efficient, and your cards come fast. Again, info on the web page.

So, let me know if I can help you with anything. I’ll recognize your call next time. OH…The reason I had to keep asking for your callsign is that two other stations kept sending on top of you when you came back everytime I asked for your call. But, we got thru that, too.

Thanks again for checking in, and I hope you will be back.

73, Tom AA1NZ