David F. Mangels, AC6WO, SK

David F. Mangels, AC6WO, SK (Mar 29, 2006) — Author and Amateur Radio instructor Dave Mangels, AC6WO, of Temple City, California, died March 24. He was 63. An ARRL member, instructor and volunteer examiner, Mangels taught Amateur Radio licensing classes for a fee at the Technician, General and Amateur Extra levels. In 2001, CQ Communications published his book The Mobile DXer–Your Practical Guide to Successful Mobile DXing. Mangels had 302 DXCC entities confirmed on SSB, no doubt many of them worked while he was operating mobile or portable. Survivors include his wife, Fran, AD6DC, and a son, Gary, AD6CD.

2 thoughts on “David F. Mangels, AC6WO, SK”

  1. I was sorry to read that Mangels has died. I took my Technician, Code and General exams in his home, under the watchful eyes of Dave, Fran, Gary and their housecats, this past December and January. After passing the first exam, he welcomed me to the hobby with a handshake and a smile, and then his son gave me a tour of their station. It was an exciting night.



    PS, I read about his passing on the ARRL site, and then typed his call sign into Technorati, which only returned one search result: your weblog.

  2. I really enjoyed his book, The Mobile DXer. I read through it a few times and again recently when I upgraded to General class. Wonderful book with many great tips and suggestions. I most enjoyed the style it is written in, like you were sitting across from him and talking about the hobby over a cup of coffee.

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