Weather Station Is Up!

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that I installed the anemometer up on the roof, spliced in an extension cord, placed the outdoor thermometer outside, and ran all the cables into the junction box inside the radio room. After getting everything plugged in, both the temp and wind gauge were responding – so far so good.

I connected the serial interface from the weather station to my tower that also runs the APRS application UI-View. I then downloaded Weather Display and started setting up the interface between the station and computer. I stepped out of the radio room for a moment and when I came back the computer had gone quiet.

Very odd. I’ve never had any problems with this computer before. After a little trouble shooting I can tell that the problem is with the computer and most likely the power supply. So I’m going to try and find a 300w power supply I can swap with the bad one.

… but did I mention the weather station is working!