Amateur Radio Magazines

Here are the four monthly magazines I subscribe to. Let me know if there are any other magazines out there worth subscribing to?

CQ is the world’s leading independent magazine devoted to amateur radio. For more than a half-century, CQ has been on ham radio’s leading edge — the first to promote mobile operating (in the 1950s), semiconductors (in the 1960s) and packet radio — the original e-mail (in the 1980s). The amateur satellite program got its start with an idea in the pages of CQ!

Our primary focus has always been on operating activities, including DXing and contesting, but construction projects and technical articles regularly find a home in CQ as well.

CQ’s greatest strength has always been in its regular columns. Today’s lineup includes:
Amateur satellites, antennas, awards, beginners, contesting, digital, DXing, FCC news, mobiling`, new products, propagation, public service, QRP (low-power), Radio Classics, technical topics and VHF. In addition, Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, covers “The World of Ideas” and “How it Works”; Jeff Reinhardt, AA6JR, offers perspectives on “Magic in the Sky”; and at-large editors Ken Neubeck, WB2AMU, and Gordon West, WB6NOA, share their insights on a variety of ham topics.

The #1 magazine in the field of general hobby radio, Popular Communications covers short-wave listening (“world-band radio”), broadcast-band DXing (listening for faraway AM, FM & TV broadcast stations), scanning public service and other VHF/UHF frequencies, amateur radio, citizens band (CB), emergency communications, satellites, monitoring clandestine and pirate stations, and more. Popular Communications has been published since 1982.

QST magazine is the most widely read Amateur Radio publication in the country. Each month, ARRL members “read all about it” in QST. Since 1915, QST has delivered the latest news and practical information from the world of Amateur Radio. Rely on QST as your source for equipment reviews, clever technical tips, projects, timely happenings, and critical FCC news. All hams, regardless of license class or experience, will find it indispensable.

A full-spectrum monthly magazine for the radio listener, Monitoring Times covers scanning, shortwave and other radio topics from below 500 kHz to 900 MHz and above. Presented in an easy-to-understand style by our experienced writing staff, we’ll help you get the most out of your time and your equipment with practical listening tips and frequencies.