UX-4 Update

Mission Status Update (all information is approximate/interpolated):
LAUNCH: 1508 UTC from Knoxville, TN
LANDING: 1729 UTC 18 Miles east of Wytheville, VA 36.9623N 80.8104W 187 Miles at 67 degrees from launch point
The balloon has landed in the woods in southwestern Virginia. The 20M homebrew beacon is still functioning, powered by photo-style lithium batteries which may provide power for the transmitter for up to 36 hours. The antenna is a vertical wire dipole with the transmitter hanging in the middle. The initial hope was that the antenna would collapse onto the ground, disabling it’s ability to radiate, however it appears that it probably draped itself nicely on a tree as it parachuted down to the ground, as signals continue to be heard across the continent (though not here).