ISS active on casual contacts

International Space Station Commander, Astronaut Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, has been very active on the NA1SS amateur radio station aboard the ISS over the past several days.

Since November 23, NA1SS has made over 50 contacts during brief operating opportunities. This past week, reports from Turkey, South Africa, South America and North America indicated NA1SS was calling CQ and making contacts.

For those who are still trying for a contact with the ISS, keep it up. For those of you lucky enough to work him, congratulations, but please give the others a little more time before making another contact since you have your QSO for Expedition 12. Let’s see how many different stations he can work.

In addition, Bill has been doing 2 school contacts a week when his schedule allows. Not since Expedition 3 has a crew member done this on a regular basis. Please consider telling Bill, “Thank you” for all of us if you are fortunate enough to speak with NA1SS.

Worldwide packet uplink: 145.990 MHz FM
Region 1 voice uplink: 145.200 MHz FM
Region 2/3 voice uplink: 144.490 MHz FM
Worldwide downlink: 145.800 MHz FM

Repeater Uplink: 437.800 MHz FM
Repeater Downlink: 145.800 MHz FM
Doppler Shift is 10 KHz

Russian callsigns: RS0ISS, RZ3DZR
USA callsign: NA1SS
Packet station mailbox callsign: RS0ISS-11
Packet station keyboard callsign: RS0ISS-3
Digipeater callsign: ARISS

From the Southgate Amateur Radio Club