Packet, Palm & TH-D7A

Had a fun time interfacing my Palm IIIxe with the D7A. I was able to easily connect to a local digpeater (NASA Langley) and from there the skies the limit. Packet is cool because it reminds me of the old days with my Apple ][ jacking up the phone bill with calls to BBSs outside the local area.

Had a less than successful time with APRS on the Palm. Sometimes from the house I get tons of traffic and other times I can barely get the areas digipeater.

I also hooked up a KVM switch for the two computers that make up my radio room. Had an initial problem with one of the computers that’s running WinME. I had forgotten how much better WinXP is better than WinME – especially with USB devices.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to hook up my Ten-Tec RX-320.