Virginia Beach Hamfest

Went to the Virginia Beach Hamfest today – while it wasn’t super huge, it had the basics. Hearing the old timers on the local repeaters, this Hamfest isn’t what it once was.

I made a total of three purchases:
(1) a spare battery for the D7A from a vendor – PB39M2, 9.6V @ 1450mAh (NiMH). The stock battery is a 9.6V @ 600mAh, so this should be a healthy increase in juice.
(2) a headset for the D7A – MFJ-288. Real comfortable, nice sound. They should work well with my bicycle mobile set up.
(3) and finally a small mag mount 1/4 wave 2m antenna – Workman KS 2-SMA. Intent is to also use this with the bicycle mobile setup.

Tomorrow I want to put the rack on the back of my bike and mount the antenna.