Massachusetts, New York

Hyannis, MA – Buffalo, NY
Daily Mileage: 540
Total Mileage: 1148
Total Number of States Traveled: 9

I headed up to Plymouth… saw “The Rock”.

Skirted around Boston and headed west on Route 2. It was nice to be off the beaten path.

Route 2 headed up into the mountains on what’s called the Mohawk Trail. I stayed on Route 2 until I got to Troy, NY where I jumped on I-90 and continued west.

I crawled into Buffalo a little after 8pm. That damn GPS brought me in through the bad part of town… I’m thinking it’s doing that on purpose.

Best Western Inn – On The Avenue
510 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14202

The truck needs gas and a good washing.

The goal tomorrow is to make it to the eastern bank of the Mississippi.